We create smart turnkey greenhouse projects, from design to implementation to creating value

Greenhouse Building

We design and manufacture built-to-fit custom greenhouses that are suitable for your specific climate conditions and crop requirements, for an ideal plant protection and growth.

Control all processes, from irrigation and climate to energy in your greenhouse, and ensure high quality production at low costs.

Save energy and create the right climate for your crop with custom made screens according to your cultivation and wishes

Irrigation is precision work. We offer various types of irrigation systems, completely aligned with other disciplines to ensure the most optimal installation in your greenhouse.

Control the climatic and environmental conditions for an optimum crop growth in your greenhouse with a customized heating and cooling system.

The structure of a greenhouse is one of the key factors in protected and intensive cultivation, where the primary objective is to obtain the maximum yield from production. The greenhouse not only houses the crop, but also provides all the technical requirements to achieve this objective

Expanding your greenhouse? New greenhouse grower? Are you growing vegetables, perennials, annuals, shrubs or plugs? Regardless of the type of crop, greenhouse style, or years of greenhouse growing experience, we have the structure you need

Since 1998, We has been assisting growers for better yield and quality, increased production consistency and optimal return on investments.  Small and large growers know they will find here the greenhouse expertise that will enable them to reach their specific goals, whether it is to add a vegetable crop to round out ornamental revenues, to give in to the urban farming trend to fulfill local vegetable demand or to develop a large scale, commercial vegetable production for export.

Greenhouse Project

  1. High Tunnels
  2. Coverings
  3. Screens
  4. Handling System
  5. Environmental Control
  6. Water and Irrigation
  7. Ventilation
  8. Cooling System & Pad
  9. Lighting (indoor & outdoor growing)