We are the major manufacturer of hydroponic equipment and supplies, selling through dealers worldwide.

We are developing hydroponics project :

  1. Floating Raft System (Lettuce, herbs, leaf vegetables)
  2. Deep Water Flow System (Lettuce, herbs, leaf vegetables)
  3. NFT System (Lettuce, herbs, leaf vegetables)
  4. Aeroponics (Lettuce, herbs, leaf vegetables, tomato, strawberry, cucumber, etc)
  5. Growing Media System (Lettuce, herbs, leaf vegetables, tomato, strawberry, cucumber, etc)

A wide variety of seeds for gourmet fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and ornamental plants are suitable for hydroponic cultivation. We are continually testing a variety of hydroponic and aeroponic techniques while adapting traditional « organic » methods in soil-less cultivation to determine the best methods to grow top-quality crops.

Hydroponics stocks a wide selection of hydroponic systems, hydroponic gardening equipment, hydroponics supplies, plant grow lights, organic composts fertilizers and indoor gardening equipment. Hydroponic indoor gardening is a fun, clean, and safe hobby for the whole family. Agroplasa will outfit your hydroponic garden with the best plant grow lights using a electronic digital ballast, a homemade hydroponic system, fans, CO2 generator, grow room equipment, organic fertilizer, plant nutrient, fertilizer supplement, plant hormones, aeroponic propagation machine, ozone generator, timer, atmosphere controller, pH & EC tester, rockwool or growing medium for indoor gardening, hydroponic gardening and flower gardening