Who We Are

AgriFam”The Greenhouse, Hydroponics Services & Trade “

AgriFam “The Agriculture Industry, Greenhouse & Hydroponics Services ”  supplying good quality products and suitable technology, Mix Fertilizers for hydroponics substrate,  aeroponics, NFT,  Seeds, Growing media, Grodan Rockwool, Pesticides, Plastics follies for greenhouse, Drip Irrigation Systems, Greenhouses, Smart Farming, Smart Hydroponics, Vertical Farming & Indoor Growing.


In a first step, we aim to familiarize ourselves with you and your specific project idea whilst also introducing our system and working processes. The result of this basic evaluation is to develop a feel for your project and estimate the economic feasibility.


Every project starts with the development of a business case, which calculates the foreseeable project-related investment costs, operating costs and the income statement.

The resulting calculations offer a frame and basis to drive decisions on funding and the implementation of your project.


AgriFam is the primary and leading setting up, construction, instalating system in delivering your turnkey farm. We provide support and guidance in all relevant approval procedures that are necessary to build and operate your farm.


Business Name AgriFAm, PT

Jl. Raya KH. Rd Abdullah Bin Nuh Kav 3-C
Bogor Barat-Kota Bogor 16115

 Telp.  +62 251-842 7880
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Mobile (HP)
+62 81111 92285 (Mr. Yuslifar)
Mobile (HP) +62 811 8117776 (Mr. Tri)
Shop (Toko Hidroponik)
Ruko Braja Mustika No.12A
Jl. Dr Sumeru-Menteng-Bogor Barat-Bogor 16115
Mobile +62 8111130243
Product & Marketing Email : info@agrifam.co.id
Consultancy, Project & Development Email : info@agrifam.co.id
URL www.agrifam.co.id